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Ponies are back by popular demand 31st Jul – 4th Sep

Ponies and Rides at The Grange

The Santolina Stables are a licensed riding school, which has been coming along during school holidays at Holme Grange Craft Village Centre for quite a few years now.

They are a lovely friendly, family run fully licensed riding school and as well as coming along to Holme Grange they also work with local schools and other services and so are very experienced dealing with children of all ages. as well as individuals of all ages!

Santolina Stables moto is that they “pride themselves on bringing people and horses together” ie they don’t just teach children how to ride but most importantly they teach children about horses.  We have a friendly and encouraging approach to teaching people to ride.

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The ponies are located in the front paddock on the left of the entrance at Holme Grange. They arrive around 11am. Children are given helmets and safety jackets to wear. And I think they are one of the most popular activites ever. A small charge is made and children ride up and down the paddock.

The ponies will be in the paddock
July – 31st
Aug – 7th, 9th, 23rd, 28th, 30th
Sep – 4th
11am – 3pm
(With an hours break at 12.30)

For further information visit their website

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